Privacy Policy

Intellectual property:

All data available in the website unless downloaded by customers including- but not limited to- text, charts, logos, icons, voice and video sectors, data collection, page design, main code and the program are property of the company, our subsidiaries or any relevant third parties. By continuing use of the site, we recognize that these materials have been protected by the applicable Saudi laws, intellectual property law or any other relevant laws.

You may not produce, copy, publish or store by any other method or re-using the material from the website unless it is referred to in the website or unless it is clearly permitted in writing by the company to do that.


The company does not provide guarantee or pledge that the website will satisfy your requirements or it will be of satisfactory quality, suitable to the general purpose, it will not infringe third parties, conforming to all laws, safe or all data provided to will be accurate; and we will not guarantee any certain results as a result of using our service.

Liability limits:

To the maximum limit the law allows, the company will not accept any liability for any direct, indirect, expected or unexpected damage or loss or other including any further indirect, private or cautionary damages resulting from the use of the website or any information contained in it. Customers must be aware that they use the website and the content upon their own responsibility. Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes or limit the company liability for cases of death or personal injury resulting from neglect or fraud from the company side. All efforts will be made to make sure of compliance with these terms and conditions and compliance with the relevant Saudi laws and other relevant laws. However, if it appears that any of these provisions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, this item will be removed from the terms and conditions and this will not affect the validity and effectiveness of the remaining terms and conditions. This item is applied within the scope of jurisdiction in which a certain item will be illegal.


All notices/correspondence (complaints or suggestions) shall be transmitted to us by mail to our headquarters and these notices will be deemed received after (5) working days from their transmission.

The company may from time to time transmit information on its products and/or services by e-mail. If you are not interested in receiving this information, please click non-subscription link.


If any error occurs from the same company, the customer will be compensated for damage by the same order value after evidence by image.




The company may wholly or partially amend use policy or party of the provided services at the time of updating, revision, removal or changing by anyway of change; and it will re-publish it in the updated date.

If you do not agree with the new policy, you can immediately terminate the agreement, but your wholly or partially access to the services will be deemed an implicit acceptance of the new policy.

Website availability:

The company tries to make the website available to the user 24 hours but the company will not be responsible for its unavailability for whatever reason or for a certain period of time. Access to this site can temporarily or permanently be suspended without prior notice.

Data confidentiality:

The company will be responsible for maintaining your personal data. We use all procedures which provide the best protection for your personal data.

The governing law and jurisdiction:

These terms and conditions and the relation between you and the company shall be governed by the laws of Saudi Arabia and shall be construed accordingly. The settlement of any dispute which may arise on these terms and conditions shall be subject the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.