We are on the rise

The allure of Cinnabon® is unmistakable. No one walks by a Cinnabon® without being enveloped by the inviting scent of cinnamon and freshly baked treats. It creates a craving that guests have to satisfy. To our guests, that sweet aroma of Cinnabon® means something delicious is coming their way, and to our franchise owners, it means even more.

If success was a freshly baked treat, it would be Cinnabon®.


Return On Investment

Super sweet average ROI within less than 2.5 years

Brand Awareness

A global, iconic brand with enviable brand awareness and strong affinity with Millennials and Gen Z

Category Leader

A category leader that dominates the sweet treat segment

FOCUS Brands

The strong support and tools of FOCUS Brands

The Bon & Only

Become a Cinnabon® franchise owner, and learn what it means to be the most popular kid on the block! Our one-of-a-kind, insanely craveable baked goods and specialty beverages have made Cinnabon® a world-class brand with world-class economics.

Cinnabon® owns the cinnamon roll category, and we’re looking for people to grow our legacy and “bake” good on the promise that is our brand.


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